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Human Resources ManagementHuman Resources Management
Policies & ProceduresPolicies & Procedures
Contracts of EmploymentContracts of Employment
Recruitment & SelectionRecruitment & Selection
Training & DevelopmentTraining & Development
Performance ManagementPerformance Management
Human Resource Management
Owners of SMEs have to wear many hats in the business world often taking on the role of sales, marketing, finance as well as carrying out the day to day needs for the business. Human Resource matters take up considerable amounts of time. Not only recruitment, staff contracts, payroll and monitoring staff performance, but creating and implementing effective policies and maintaining compliance with the latest employment laws.

Putting part, or all, of your Human Resource Management into the hands of St Klare Reece Associates will relieve the burden, saving you time and money. Whether you require an on-site presence, or telephone support, with our tailored HR solutions you receive everything you would receive from an in house HR department at a fraction of the cost.

The Outcomes
1. Cost Effective Compliance
2. Best Practice HR Management
3. Prioritisation and Planning
4. On-Site Representation
5. Peace of Mind
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