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Case Studies

Engineering 1

During the economic downturn this company needed to reduce its capacity. Knowing that it would be a short term requirement, redundancies were not the best solution. In order to retain the skills, motivation and to avoid redundancy costs a plan of reduced hours / reduced pay was voluntarily entered into.

The result: A motivated compliment of skilled workforce ready to embrace the upturn when it came. Giving a competitive edge which allowed a full order book to be serviced. Thus taking full advantage of the upturn in the sector.

Location: Coventry | No of staff: 50

Recruitment – Vacancy Management

With our extensive activity in numerous sectors, locations and operation requirement; our involvement in enhancing employee resource is highly popular.

Knowing the organisation we can speedily work with the management to clarify the requirement and utilise variable channels to attract the right candidates. Competence and compliance testing and sorting at 1st interview leads to a smooth transition through the management strata to place and induct new members of the team in an efficient, smooth and cost effective way.

To employ or not to employ – A variable contractual solution

Utilising the benefits of employment law. Workers can now be employed far more flexibly than at any time in the past. The old ‘temp or perm’ question no longer need create a barrier. ‘With all the legislation, I am concerned about employing people’ is a myth.

People are out there wanting a far more flexible balance and where a business requires speed of response and the need for more project thinking, getting away from the old 9-5 time mentality, creative solutions are readily at hand. Mutual give and take leading to good customer service is still the best way to enhance profit. An employer of choice, attracts and retains the best people – thus attracting and retaining customers.

If it feels right is usually is. If it feels wrong, then you can be assured it surely is.

Manufacturing 1

St Klare Reece has been working with the UK division of this USA based manufacturing company for approximately 7 years. Initially appointed to work alongside the Managing Director offering Executive Support, the contract was expanded to include the core offering of the Human Resource Management service to assist the development and growth of the organisation. This included the recruitment of staff, development of a company handbook and planned restructure in line with organisational demands. Developing the team and assisting with personal development objectives has been key to this organisations growth together with the implementation of standard documentation and best practice reviews.

Location: Warwickshire | No of staff: 8

Manufacturing 2

This manufacturing organisation has implemented the services of an Occupational Health Organisation which recommended St Klare Reece to assist with company’s desire to move forward with their implementation of best practice. Working with the managers to develop their skills sets and multi skill requirements for their employees, we are able to match the business needs with the available talent. Our services afford the organisation an employee “surgery” and the senior managers strategic HR input.

Location: Warwickshire | No of staff: 80

Medical 1

The Human Resources Director of this highly acclaimed private medical institution required assistance in the setting up and implementation of HR practices and standard documentation including contracts of employment, policies & procedures and specialist contracts for Bank Nurses and Specialist Nurses. Denise was also contracted to assist the HR Director at a strategic level to develop and implement the policies and procedures for all the sites across the UK. This included training the site staff in the use of the Policies & Procedures Handbook, rolling out the contracts, dealing with the variety of personnel issues as they arose and recruited her successor.

This medical organisation had 9 Hospitals and 3 specialist Units across the UK.

Medical 2

Due to the amalgamation of two companies in the medical sector, the need for a Human Resource specialist to be involved strategically in combining the two organisations and the personnel therein was identified. The Company contracted St Klare Reece Associates to the full Human Resource Management Service which involved co-ordinating the communications, TUPE implications, contracts of employment and the policies & procedures documentation together with working with the management team in developing the strategy for the long term. We also mentored the on-site administrator and facilitated her learning through the CIPD qualification to Graduate level.

St Klare Reece are also charged with providing employment law support, developing managerial skill sets by implementing bespoke training for the managers and their teams and providing statistical analysis, research and reports for this global organisation. We developed strategies for employee and key skills retention within the organisation including the transfer of staff between sister companies based around the world.

Location: East Midlands/Global | No of staff: 85

Food Industry 1

We originally began working with this highly accredited restaurant based in Warwickshire to ensure legal compliance and best practice. As the organisation grew, we were able to assist with the restaurant’s expansion and ran the recruitment programme and training requirements for the new venue, along with the contractual changes required for the staff. Working closely with the Book-Keeper, Directors and key personnel, we implemented personnel procedures, standard documentation and best practice to enable the managers of both venues more time to work efficiently without being burdened with administration.

Location: Warwickshire/Birmingham | No of Staff: 15/30

Food Industry 2

St Klare Reece has been working with a local food processing organisation for many years. The organisation had already identified the need for an in-house HR resource and recruited St Klare Reece to assist with the mentoring and support for this appointment. We now work along side the chosen Human Resources Officer developing the strategic plans for the organisation, allowing her to run the day to day issues knowing that the team at St Klare Reece are always on hand to answer any technical or unusual issues that arise from time to time.

Location: Warwickshire | No of Staff: 40

Food Industry 3

St Klare Reece is working with a global food processing organisation with a UK base in Birmingham. They contacted St Klare Reece requiring assistance with a programme of development, site expansion and change that the company was planning and how best to proceed to ensure minimum disruption to staff and legal compliance. Working with the Financial Controller, we were able to ensure that they implemented the changes and development of their site with minimal impact on working practice and staffing levels, overhauled the company’s handbook, contracts of employment and personnel administration systems to improve efficiency and linked into the company’s continued personal development and training initiatives.

Location: West Midlands | No of Staff: 80

Food Industry 4

Contracted initially on a project basis to assist the on-site HR Officer in the maintaining and updating of the company’s contracts of employment and policies & procedures manual for the various venues including the restaurant, food processing plant and retail outlet. This contract has now been extended to include training for the management teams on the implications of employment law to managers and development for the HR Officer on the implications of new legislation as it is introduced.

Location: Warwickshire | No of Staff: 45

Marketing 1

The Director of this mail and marketing company met Denise through the local Chamber of Commerce, which lead to St Klare Reece being invited to develop the company’s Human Resource Department from scratch. The organisation had implemented legal compliance, however, the Management team recognised that to take the company to the next level, a more substantial HR presence was required. Through the provision of the Human Resource Management Service, we are training the management in the use of the standard HR tools including recruitment, development and day to day personnel issues. We have also assisted in the company gaining IIP accreditation within 12 months together with now investing in new initiatives for production and processes. The team at St Klare Reece have been able to offer a variety of skills to assist the organisations growth from Personnel Administration and recruitment through to strategic planning and Director Level support to the board.

Location: Warwickshire | No of Staff: 40

Marketing 2

St Klare Reece has been involved with the telephone marketing organisation for approximately 6 years. Working closely with the Director and Senior Management team, we have assisted with the re-structure, development and training initiatives together with implementing best practice within the human resources department. We have introduced the appraisal scheme, maintained legal compliance and supported the maintaining of the IIP accreditation.

Location: Warwickshire | No of Staff: 25
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